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CalligRam is pleased to present our Publication Special:

Special Package Deal includes the book, manual, and poster for $75 (separately, you would pay $87, plus the shipping and handling)! Shipping all three packages of publications is $5.00.

  • Assyrian Calligraphy, by Issa Benyamin -
    $65 + $3 Shipping& Handling
    A soft cover must for your own library or to be given as a special gift. The book is divided into three sections. In section one, the principles of Assyrian writing are illustrated in detail. Section two is a gallery of more than 50 different fonts that are created by Issa. The final section depicts the evolution of fine writing to calligraphy and it includes samples of his artworks.
  • The Assyrian Alphabet Manual, by Issa Benyamin -
    $10 + $3 Shipping & Handling
    Whether you are a novice, or proficient in the written Assyrian language, you will learn to improve your writing skills and appreciate its beauty.  The manual gives hands-on instruction as to how each letter is written and how it is used. There is plenty of room for taking notes, or to practice, practice, practice...
  • The Assyrian Alphabet Poster, Printed by CalligRam
    $12 + $5 Shipping & Handling
    Each of our letters is beautifully written with instructions at the bottom on proper writing technique. This is a must for Assyrian language students of all ages.

These books and poster can be purchased at any of our exhibits and some lectures.  Order any of these items, please go to our order page, or call us at (309) 664-1747.

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