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Own a CalligRam Original !

Owning a numbered, hand painted original from CalligRam is easy. You can order a painting using the numbers on our "Gallery" page, or request a one-of-a kind calligraphy rendering of your family name or theme.  Call (309) 664-1747 or e-mail us to place your order.

CalligRam is your only resource for custom ordered Assyrian  paintings in calligraphy by Issa Benyamin. . You may choose what is written, the color and size of the leather, even the color of ink.  Whether it is to be given as an anniversary or birthday gift, or to be displayed prominently in your own home, this painting will be proudly treasured by all.

For those who need printed work, such as for wedding invitations or anniversaries, why not have CalligRam provide the artwork in our beautiful Assyrian Language? Your printed items will be elegant and unique.

CalligRam wants to meet all your calligraphy needs.  Email us with your questions, and we will be get back to you within 2 business days.

For custom orders of paintings and print-work (invitations, letterheads, etc..), please call 309-664-1747 or e-mail us directly.

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